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Bryant Park Optician

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Optical Goods in Bryant Park

Bryant Park Optician
Bryant Park Optician

Here at E.B. Meyorwitz & Dell, we are pleased to offer you, our valued customer, a variety of vital optical services, from yearly comprehensive eye exams to designer frames, contact lenses, and the evaluation and diagnosis of common eye diseases and conditions.

It all begins with you scheduling an annual visit to our optical store for an eye exam. In order for our Bryant Park optician to make your eyeglasses or contacts to the ideal specifications that will provide you with the best vision that you’re capable of, first our eye doctor must determine what your current vision requirements are. And they do change from year to year. So even if you have an existing prescription, you may benefit from an updated one. If you’ve never worn corrective lenses before, this might be the right time to treat yourself to outstanding vision instead of just adequate. You will also be screened for common eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts, which don’t have any associated symptoms in their early stages. Doing this will help keep you from suffering unnecessary vision loss or eye damage. Which brings us to your eyeglasses or contact lenses. We have all the types of eyeglass lenses that you need, be it monofocal, bifocal, or multifocal. As for the frames that will house them, you can choose from a wide array of great designer options from trusted brand names including Hoffman, Cartier, Randolph, Lindberg, Anacole, Seiko, and much more. Our Bryant Park optician also has hard and soft contact lenses, along with four subcategories that will suit your lifestyle: daily wear, which you can keep in for up to 18 hours; extended wear for overnight use; disposable if you prefer to use a pair just once; and color-changing, a fun way to try a whole new eye color even if you don’t need vision correction.

Let our Bryant Park optician offer you improved vision, utmost comfort, and the style and fashion you demand. If you have an up-to-date prescription, just stop in. If you need an eye exam, call us in advance to schedule one.

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