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Diabetic eye examinations in Midtown East

Midtown East optometrist
Midtown East optometrist

Diabetes is a serious medical condition. For people with this disease and for those at risk for it, check-ups are incredibly important. Diabetes affects various aspects of your health, but it can have a profound and specific effect on your eye health. If you have diabetes or are at risk for this condition, then our Midtown East optometrist can help make sure that you are provided with the comprehensive diabetes eye care you need right here at E.B. Meyorwitz & Dell.

Diabetes is a very serious blood disorder that affects the effectiveness of blood circulation. Blood circulation is what helps other parts of your body function properly, so any disruption can cause complications. Diabetes tends to affect the extremities the most, and that includes the eyes. This is why routine diabetic eye exams are necessary and recommended for people with this conditions as well as those with risk factors for it. Did you know that a comprehensive eye exam can actually detect early signs of diabetes? Here at E.B. Meyorwitz & Dell, our Midtown East optometrist can take a look at your eyes, your general eye health, and test for early signs of disease. People with diabetes are more prone to diseases such as glaucoma as well as for developing issues like cataracts or diabetes-specific conditions like diabetic retinopathy. Here with our attentive staff, you can have your eyes examined regularly for early signs of disease or even diabetes if you are simply at risk. In general, annual exams are recommended, but more frequent visits may be suggested depending on your specific case or whether you show any early warning signs or symptoms.

If you have diabetes or are at risk for diabetes, then we can help you get the care you need here at E.B. Meyorwitz & Dell whether you need a checkup or treatment. To learn more about diabetic eye exams or how diabetes can affect your eye health, call us today and schedule an appointment with our Midtown East optometrist today.

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