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Seasonal allergies in Midtown

Midtown eye doctor
Midtown eye doctor

When seasonal allergies strike, they can result in more than severe nasal symptoms. Your eyes are also susceptible. At the office of E.B. Meyorwitz & Dell, you can get the help you need from our Midtown eye doctor.

One thing is certain about seasonal allergies, and that is how their signs announce themselves without any subtlety at all. If you’ve ever experienced burning eyes, uncontrollable watering, redness, itchiness, or swollen eyelids, either in addition to or instead of nasal symptoms, you know that it’s no fun at all. These reactions, just as with any allergy that occurs anywhere in your body, are an attempt to address a threat that your immune system has identified. So what can you do when seasonal allergies set in? You can come in for an examination and evaluation by our Midtown eye doctor. The most effective way of treating the situation will depend on how severe your symptoms are. Mild to moderate cases often respond very well to over-the-counter allergy relief medication. If your indications are more extreme, however, you may need prescription-strength drugs to deal with them properly. In addition to medication, some simple lifestyle changes and environment adjustments can make a big difference. When pollen counts are high, our Midtown eye doctor recommends that you keep your windows closed. Use air-conditioning instead. You should also avoid rubbing your eyes at all costs. We understand that it’s hard to not do it, but the truth is that you will only make a bad problem even worse.

Above all, keep in mind that no matter how much trouble seasonal allergies cause you, they will not last indefinitely. Instead of just trying to manage them on your own, though, call our office and let us schedule you for a convenient time to come in for a checkup and appropriate treatment.

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