Optician in Bryant Park

Optician in Bryant Park

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There are nearly as many reasons why people get sunglasses as there are varieties in our inventory here at E.B. Meyorwitz & Dell. Our optician in Bryant Park is pleased to show you our wide array of options, with choices to suit any taste, skin tone, face shape, and budget. And we can also fit them with a prescription for vision correction to give you all you need in one single pair of frames and lenses.

Reliability, comfort, eye protection, and shielding from glare and wind are among the most common features that our valued customers seek with our prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. Ultraviolet, or simply UV, sun rays are hazardous for your eyes, in much the same way that they are for your skin. The lenses in our sunglasses block out 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Not just most of them, but all of them. Our optician in Bryant Park makes sure that your eye health is a high priority. But there is no doubt that at least part of the motivation for you coming in to get sunglasses is that they are such as wonderful enhancement to your appearance. As a fashion accessory, they are second to none. That’s because we only represent the most respected and valued designers in the field of eyewear; ones whose commitment to high quality craftsmanship and style is beyond question. Some of the brands we are pleased to feature here are Gold & Wood, Cartier, Hoffman Natural Eyewear, Randolph, Seiko, and Celine. We have more. For prescription sunglasses, our eye doctor will conduct an examination to determine the vision correction you need. Or if you have a current prescription that is less than a year old, please bring it with you.

Our eye doctor and optician in Bryant Park are here to help. Stop in for non-prescription sunglasses, or reach out to book an appointment if you want them prescription.

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